Ida P. Rolf

1977 – Wywiad z Idą P. Rolf

Ida Rolf i dwa paradygmaty

Mary Bond

Bond – Posture, Perception, and Breath

Bond – Posture and the Perineum

Bond – Smart Sitting

Bond – A Somanaut’s Journal

Bond – Skin of Glass

Bond – Shoulder Tension and the Gestures of Daily Living

Bond – The Pelvic Lift

Bond – A New Look at Effort in Dance

Bond – The Rolfer’s View of Chronic Low Back Pain

Robert Schleip

Schleip – What is fascia

Schleip – Training principles for fascial connective tissue

Schleip – Strain hardening of fascia

Schleip – Fascia as Sensory Organ

Schleip – Journey in Fascia Wonderland with Robert Schleip

Schleip – Connecting (T)issues

Schleip – Defining the Fascial System

Schleip – Clinical relevance of Fascial Tissue and Dysfunctions

Schleip – The Thoracolumbar Fascia; anatomy, function and clinical considerations

Schleip – The role of Fibrosis in Duchenne

Schleip – The Fascial Network as a Possible Pain generator

Schleip – Active Fascial Contractility

Jan Sultan

Sultan – In and Around Shoulder Girdle

Sultan – In and Around Pelvis

Sharon Wheeler

Wheeler – The Boy from Bolinas

Wheeler – On Scar Tissue

Wheeler – Rolfing Stories, Legends and Lore

Wheeler – Blue Lu and White Witch

Edward Maupin

Rolfing is about Core Experience

The Mirror of Awareness in Structural Integration

Introduction to Rolf Structural Integration

Somatic Education: its Origins, Ancestors, and Prospects

Mentor and Protegé

Notes for a Theory of Somatic Bodywork


Tom Myers

Myers- Bodyreading the Arm Lines

Myers – Dissection early Evidence

Anatomy Trains E-Mag 5

Anatomy Trains E-Mag 4

Anatomy Trains E-Mag 3

Anatomy Trains E-Mag 2

Anatomy Trains E-Mag 1

Til Luchau

Luchau – Preparing the Neck and Shoulders for deep Work

Luchau – Working with Cervical Core

Luchau – Working with Headaches Part1 

Luchau – Working with Headaches Part2

Luchau – Working with Headaches Part3

Luchau – Working with Scalenes

Luchau – Working with Medial and Lateral Pterygoids

Luchau – Working with TMJ Part1

Luchau – Working with TMJ Part2

Luchau – Working with Whiplash Part1

Luchau – Working with Whiplash Part2

Luchau – Working with Rotator Cuff

Luchau – Frozen Shoulder Part1

Luchau – Frozen Shoulder Part2

Luchau – Working with Rib Restrictions

Luchau – Assessing Sciatic Pain

Luchau – Assessing Sciatic Nerve Glide

Luchau – Working with Sciatica

Luchau – Working with Hip Mobility

Luchau – Working with Ankle Mobility Part1

Luchau – Working with Ankle mobility Part2

Luchau – Working with Hammertoe

Luchau – Working with Shoe-Bound Arch

Luchau – Working with Wrist

E- Magazine 19

E- Magazine 18

E- Magazine 17

E- Magazine 16

E- Magazine 15

E- Magazine 14

E- Magazine 13

E- Magazine 12

E- Magazine 11

E- Magazine 10

E- Magazine 9

E- Magazine 8

E- Magazine 7

E- Magazine 6

E- Magazine 5

E- Magazine 4

E- Magazine 3

E- Magazine 2

E- Magazine 1

Integracja Strukturalna

Semantyka Ogólna

Structural Integration Origins and Development

Exploring Our Legacy

The Role of Language for Structural Integration

Simple Definition of General Semantics

General Semantics and the Five Epistemological Keys

Jaap van der Wal 

The Architecture of the Connective Tissue in the Musculoskeletal System

 Liz Gaggini

Wzorce trzewne w skoliozach

Joseph Heller

Hellerwork Structural Integration

Joseph Heller Interview

Dan Bienenfeld – What is Hellerwork

 Przewodnik po Integracji Strukturalnej  John Cottingham – A Three-Paradigm Treatment Model Using Soft Tissue and Guided Movement
Influence of Rolfing Structural Integration on Active Range of Motion