ESALEN – Early days

Ed Maupin – BodyWisdom 2012 

Ida P Rolf przedstawia założenia Integracji Strukturalnej

Robert Schleip – Mechanizmy prawdopodobnie odpowiedzialne za działanie Integracji Strukturalnej   (polskie napisy)

WDR – Powięż

Doktor Lewit

Robert Schleip – Powięz i Rolfing

Robert Schleip – Powięz i ból

EGSI – Kursy Integracji Strukturalnej w Polsce

EGSI – Italy

Adam Polański – Rolfing

Drzewo genealogiczne Integracji Strukturalnej





Robert Schleip


Robert Schleip – Fascinating Fascia Lecture

Robert Schleip – Fascia as Internal Sensor

Werner Klinger – Fascia Physiology and Pathophysiology


Jean Claude Guimberteau – Architecture of Living Fascia

Thomas Findley – Architecture of Connective Tissue


Jaap Van der Wal – Architecture of Connective Tissue in the Muscles

Jaap Van der Wal – Lessons from the Human Embryo


Edward Maupin – Conciousness


Peter Levine – Nature’s Lessons in Healing Trauma

Peter Levine – Secret to Release Trauma from the Body

Polyvagal Theory – The New Science of Safety and Trauma


Gabor Mate – When the Body Says No

Gabor Mate – The Need for Authenticity


Conversations with Rolf Faculty

Rolfing – Balancing the Body

Mary Bond – The New Rules of Posture

Mary Bond – Learning from Dr Rolf

Jan Sultan – Our Physical and Spiritual Nature

Bethany Ward – Becoming a Rolfer

Tessy Brungardt – Becoming a Rolfer

Lisa Fairman – Becoming a Rolfer

Rebecca Carli – Rolf Movement

Ellen Freed – Rolf Movement

Ray McCall – SI as Catalyst for Change

Valerie Berg – Rolfing and Aging

Michael Salveson – Pacing a Session

Sally Klemm – Human Experience and Perception

Paula Mattoli – Art and Rolfing

Carol Agneessens – Embryology and Rolfing

Carol Agneessens – Perception and Rolfing

Russell Stolzoff – Rolfing and Sports Performance


Sharon Wheeler

About Sharon Wheeler

Rolfing Movement – Lecture with Sharon Wheeler

R. Schleip & S. Wheeler – Scar Tissue Ultrasound Experiment 

R. Schleip & S. Wheeler – Scar Tissue Ultrasound Experiment – 24hr later

Sharon Wheeler – Integrating Scar Tissue into the Fascial Web

Sharon Wheeler – BoneWork


Anatomy Trains

Introduction to Anatomy Trains

Anatomy Trains 

Anatomy Trains Revealed

Tom Myers – Why does Massage Hurt

Tom Myers – Biomechanics -Isolation vs Integration

Tom Myers – Fascia in Movement

Tom Myers – Fascia 101

Tom Myers – Spatial Medicine and Aging

Tom Myers – Are You Aging or Just Drying Out?

Tom Myers – What is Tensegrity

Tom Myers – How to Train Fascia – Vectors

Tom Myers – How to Train Fascia – Lenghtening

Tom Myers – How to Train Fascia – Hydration

Tom Myers – How to Train Fascia – Elasticity


Til Luchau Advanced Trainings

Til Luchau – Interview with Tom Myers

Til Luchau – Interosseaus Sacroiliac Ligament Technique

Til Luchau – Palate Work

Til Luchau – TMJ Technique

Til Luchau – Posterior Digastric Technique



California Hellerwork Institute

Introduction to Gravidynamics

What is Hellerwork p1

What is Hellerwork p2





Robert Schleip

Robert Schleip – Is fascia Inert Tissue? p1

Robert Schleip – Is fascia Inert Tissue? p2